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From minor alterations to full garment construction 

Wanganui Dress Making

Jenny’s Dressmaking has over 25 years experience sewing. We enjoy the challenge of tailoring a different piece of clothing for you every day. Altering your clothes to fit makes you look great. It’s proven time and again that having your own clothes specifically tailored and altered can make a difference in how you look, and your own confidence. Experience the difference today.

One of our favourite things to do is bespoke dressmaking. It’s a challenge and a gift to be able to deliver such a great looking dress from scratch, with no pattern. Wedding dresses, suits, ball gowns, even Disney costumes can be custom made for you. Ask us how today, and you won’t have to just imagine yourself dressed up to the nines. 

Complete Garment Construction

You know that feeling you get when you see the perfect dress or suit in a magazine and just have to have it. With Jenny’s Dressmaking you can make it a reality. We can design and make custom dresses, ball gowns, wedding dresses, suits, costumes… you name it, all from a picture. Yes, this is the future. And in the future you look stunning in all the right tailored clothes.
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Affordable dressmaking

The perfect look is tailored to you. Jeans, shirts, suits, dresses, can all be affordably and wonderfully tailored to you. 

Jenny’s Dressmaking can bring your old and cherished wardrobe up to date. Contact us today to discuss how easy it is to tailor your clothes to fit you perfectly. 
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