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Custom Made Ball Gowns

No pattern? No problem. We’re able to make a design from a picture. Bespoke dressmaking is a strong point of Jenny’s Dressmaking. From just a picture we’re able to design and make the perfect gown or suit for your event, making sure that you look a million dollars while staying in budget. And you can rest assured you’ll be the only one wearing that dress!

It’s not just ball gowns. We’ve helped tailor costumes, children’s dresses, and all sorts of things. From Bruce Wayne’s suits to The Joker’s unique style, we can help your costume live up to your imagination. A Disney Princess dress? No problem. Contact us today to find out how we can help fit you for your next attire.
Tailored made suit

Tailored To Suit

Clothing can be found everywhere but getting that special fit takes something more. Jenny’s Dressmaking can tailor and alter your clothes so they fit you perfectly. Those online purchased jeans? Done. 

Preloved clothes that you just had to have? Not a problem. You want to give a new lease on life to something older in your wardrobe? Jenny’s Dressmaking will get it done for you!


Super fast service

Many of our alterations can be done while you go down the road for a coffee or a tasty something from the bakery. Then when you get back, your clothes are tailored especially for you. What a deal! Contact us today to find out how great you can look. 

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